Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

A Bag of Jokes...

Stand-up comedy is sometimes described using the analogy of a comic traveling from town to town with our little bag of jokes. I don’t particularly like this analogy because of its somewhat Willy Loman-esque connotation. I realized this past weekend, though, that I may have to accept it. I worked at The Comedy Cellar at Snowshoe Mountain with my good friend Andy Hendrickson. While sitting on the couch of our condo for the weekend, I happened to look over at the coffee table, and saw what appeared to be a Ziploc bag with lots of small sheets of paper. My eyes must be fooling me. It just couldn’t possibly be an actual bag of jokes… but it was indeed. At first, I thought that maybe we’d been the lucky recipients of a visit from the joke fairy… aka Santa Ha Ha. But he only comes on even numbered years… so that certainly wasn’t the case. It turns out that it was literally a bag of jokes… Andy’s bag of jokes. After some questioning, I found out that he doesn’t just travel with one bag, but multiple bags. One bag for new jokes, one bag for old jokes, and one bag for salsa recipes. Half as funny, four times as tasty.

The weekend also included watching DJ Jazzy Jeff lay down the funk after our own show on Saturday.