Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

All Work and No Play...

This past week, I had the opportunity to perform in Albion, MI, for the Albion College Jewish Organization at their Purim celebration.  Why would they have me perform at this Jewish function?  That’s a good question to ask the agent who booked me and told them I was Jewish, but forgot to tell me.  I did have a good time at Albion though… and I want to thank them for having me.  

I also want to thank them for housing me on-campus at the gigantic, creepy, 150 year old mansion… Belmont Manor.  First of all, any place with “manor” in the name is haunted… end of story.  This place, I’m sure, was no exception… but I didn’t stick around to find out.  Why?  Because I was going to be the only person in the whole place for the entire night.  It was huge… and there was not a single other soul around.  No internet, no television, and no phone.  Just me and my overactive imagination.
“We love our guests here at Albion so much, we’d like to treat you to a night of terror.  Welcome to The Shining.”
As soon as I got back from the show, I packed up and drove to a hotel in Ann Arbor.  As I was walking out of the “Manor”, I’m pretty sure I heard someone say “Leaving so soon?”