Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Don't Break the Chain!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld. Earlier this summer, I ran across an article where he mentioned his secret for becoming a great comedian (writing every day), and how he motivated himself to do this… with a large calendar. You can read the article yourself here, or I’ll just give you the Cliff’s Notes. He put a big calendar on his wall and every day that he wrote, he put a big red X on it. Once you have a string of several days with X’s… you’re more motivated to keep going because you don’t want to break the chain. Someone put together a website where you could keep your own calendar and X out days for whatever you’re trying to stay motivated for. I’m going to use it the same way Seinfeld did… to make myself write every day. I’ve also decided that I will post my calendar here on the blog… for the whole world to check up on me. If you see that I’ve missed a day, feel free to e-mail me and berate me for being a lazy, worthless sack of monkey dung. Remind me that if I keep this up, I can look forward to a long career of middling at whatever random Chuckle Hut happens to be serving drinks. Be merciless… it’s the only way.