Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Don't even look at me...

I love TiVo… but it has really added a new challenge to life. I couldn’t watch the U.S. Open playoff on Monday, so I recorded it. But it was a gigantic story that I knew everyone was paying attention to… and it was all over the news. So for about 8 hours yesterday, I had to essentially cut myself off from the world. No internet, no phone, no TV. I didn’t even want to accidentally hear someone talking about it… so I had to have my iPod on all day. New York adds an additional challenge as well. There are entire buildings here that are essentially giant, flat-screen TV’s. You’ll just be walking along… it looks like a normal building… then BOOM! Eight stories of Matt Lauer. So I walked along with my head down and my iPod on… I looked like a very troubled man.

In the end, I did manage to avoid hearing the results before I watched it for myself… but I had to be way more neurotic than I normally like to be. Mild to medium neurotic I can handle… crazy neurotic just doesn’t suit me well.