Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Houston... everything's fine.

I just finished up another amazing week at The Improv in Washington, DC. It’s always the best week of my year. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy the other clubs that I work at… I really do… but DC is so incredible, it stands out. It would be like if, for your job, you flew a commuter flight from Saginaw, MI, to Toledo, OH. Then, one week a year, you got to fly the Space Shuttle to the moon. That’s what working at the DC Improv is like. The staff is incredible, the audiences are amazing, and I’m always at my best.

Almost every week on the road, I’m working with a headliner I’ve never met before… and I like to try and find something in common with them. This week, I had the opportunity to work with Jake Johanssen. He actually holds the record for the most number of appearances on the David Letterman show by a stand-up comic. I hold the record for the least number of appearances on the Letterman show. That’s what we have in common.

Here I am with Jake and our MC for the week, Ben Isaac. He works at NPR in DC and does some spot-on impressions of the NPR on-air personalities.