Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Me too...

Well… it’s Last Comic Standing season again. You hear a lot of comedians use that in their intro. “You may have seen this next guy on Last Comic Standing”… but I have to tell you something… most of them are lying. Well, maybe not lying… but they’re really testing the boundaries of truth. Most of the comics saying this… were seen on Last Comic Standing… but they were “seen” while standing in line to audition. One sweeping camera shot of the audition line… and suddenly 500 people have been “seen on Last Comic Standing.” I’m not trying to piss on their resumé, but there were homeless dudes in line when I auditioned… they thought there might be doughnuts inside… they were “seen on Last Comic Standing”. If this counts as a television credit, my wife has been seen on Late Night with Conan O’Brien… and I’m pretty sure I walked my dog past the Today Show last week. My cocker spaniel has a better television resumé than I do.