Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Mocha money.

These week in Youngstown, while working with Mike Green and Matt Bergman, I realized that you can tell a comic’s place on the comedy totem pole by simply listening to them order at Starbucks. A headliner orders whatever he wants… he’s like Marlon Brando at Spagos. The sky’s the limit for this free-wheeling comedy superstar. Mocha skims, banana fraps, a blueberry scone… you can’t put a price on happiness. The feature has to calm it down a bit. Grande regular coffee. Maybe if he’s had a good week selling bumper stickers and beer coozies after the show, he can up the ante to a Venti Cafe Americano… but that’s the last stop for the crazy train. This brings us to the third man in line… the MC. Tap water… no ice. Please don’t spit in it. If he’s lucky, we’ll see an Exxon where he can get a coffee for himself.