Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

No Vote For You...

Washington D.C. feels like it is not represented in Congress… because they don’t have 2 senators of their own. Technically, they’re right. But let’s face it… Washington D.C. is a city… and not a very big one either. By my research, it’s the 27th biggest city in the U.S… behind such cities as El Paso, Milwaukee, and even Louisville, KY. If you get your own vote in Congress, guess what… so does Columbus, OH.

Honestly, you probably would have been given a vote in Congress many years ago, but a quick gander at your past voting record shows that maybe you’re not quite ready to be swaying the vote of our legislature. You elected a crackhead for a mayor. Once… we could have let it slide… but you elected him twice. You can’t be totally cool with your mayor doing crack… and still have a legitimate claim to representation. It’s the same reason we don’t let kindergartners vote. You can’t crap your pants, and then demand a vote in Congress. We let you “play city” by giving you a mayor… you should consider yourself lucky.