Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

South Bend, Topeka, and the real O.C.

I was able to spend a week performing in South Bend, IN, with my good friend Andy Hendrickson and the legendary Carl LaBove. Carl has been in comedy as long as I’ve been alive… so it was great to hear his stories. I have my own story about Carl shopping for a toaster cover… but in the interest of his “outlaw” reputation, he’s asked me to not retell it. (So just ask me after I’ve had a few drinks… it’s hilarious.)

After South Bend, I went to Topeka, KS, and worked with Jim Wiggins who, after 37 years on the road, just performed on his first Tonight Show. That means I have 33 more years before I can start complaining.

Following Topeka, it was on to Oklahoma City… or as Kenny Smith liked to call it… the real O.C.

Kenny is a comedy purist… and it’s great to be around that type of comic. It makes you want to be better.. or it would if I wasn’t such a purist myself. :-)