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Why wait for New Year's to start your resolution? Recorded at Cool Cow Comedy in Lorton, VA.

Recipe for Marriage

A very optimistic view of marriage.  Recorded at the Ritz Theatre in Tiffin, OH.

My Dad Says...

Students repeating what they hear at home.  Recorded at the Santander Performing Arts Center in Reading, PA.

Rate My Teachers

The teacher rating website,  Recorded at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center in York, PA.

Marching Band Show Designer

My other job as a high school marching band show designer.  Recorded at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, PA.

Facebook Unfriending

Creative reasons to unfriend people on Facebook.  Recorded at The Comedy Underground in Seattle, WA.

The Nerdy Heckler

My yoga joke gets derailed by the nerdiest heckler ever.  Recorded at Stand Up Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ.


I only roast the ones I love... and this includes Super 8.  Recorded at Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO.

Heckled on YouTube

Sometimes, getting heckled on the internet is even worse than getting heckled live.

The Devil is in the Details

The devil doesn't seem to be interested in tempting me or another guy in the audience.  Recorded at The DC Improv in Washington, DC.

In marching band for the girls.

How I set out to impress girls.  Recorded at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, PA.

Math heckler saves the show.

After a particularly odd show in Houston, a math wizard makes it all worth it.  Recorded at The Joke Joint Comedy Showcase in Houston, TX.

Watching a marathon.

Why just watching a marathon can make you feel good.  Recorded at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, NY.

My marching band jacket.

I loved my high school marching band jacket... maybe a little too much. Recorded at The Improv in Washington, DC.

Slept like a baby.

Sleep as a new parent.  Recorded at the Joke Joint Comedy Club in St. Paul, MN.