Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

The First Amendment...

I’m a huge fan of the first amendment… or at least I used to be… until I gave the freedom of speech to anyone who wanted to post comments on my blog. There have been a few genuine comments, but a disproportionately large number of advertisements. What kind of marketing school failure do you have to be to think the best way to find your target audience is posting ads in the comments section of an obscure comedian’s blog? So from this point forward… in this little corner of the internet, the first amendment applies solely to me. You still retain the rights afforded you by the other amendments… at least for now. No unreasonable search and seizure… no soldiers will be quartered in your house without your consent… but free speech is all mine. My apologies to anyone who found their true calling from the online gambling ads that were previously available in the comments portion of my October posts.