Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

The worst idea ever?

A few weeks ago, Careyanne and I went to a happy hour that was held on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was amazing.  There were a few art pieces up there… including the giant balloon doggy,

you could look out across Central Park from an amazing vantage point… but most importantly, you could drink.  And I did.  When you’re done, you can wander through the museum… which is cool… unless you’re drunk… and I was.  Now I’m meandering amongst some of the worlds greatest treasures… and I’m hammered.  This is a bad, bad combination.  I didn’t break anything priceless… but I could have.  I could have literally rubbed my face on a Van Gogh.  This is how close I was… I took this picture with my iPhone…
There were no security ropes to keep me at a safe distance from the paintings.
I think there should be a fireman’s pole for your exit from the museum happy hour.  Beer to street with no opportunity for destruction.  Maybe a giant inflatable slide right from the roof, with a sign that says “Caution… watch for falling drunks.”