Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Treating my body like a temple...

When I’m on the road, my eating schedule gets a little odd. I get up late, eat a late breakfast, a late lunch, and then don’t eat dinner until after the show. Depending on the city, your options can be extremely limited at one in the morning. This week was one of those times. At about 1:30, Matt Bergman and I were in a Quicky-Mart loading up. As I was getting ready to pay, Matt walks up the counter and says, “Look at you being all healthy.” I had to look down and make sure that I hadn’t accidentally picked up an apple and a couple of carrots. Nope… still doughnuts and cookies. But the cookies were oatmeal… which passes for a nutritious snack when you’re 22. I miss being 22.