Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

USCAF - Day Four

This was a pretty easy day. I planned on sleeping in, but it didn’t happen. Apparently it was my turn to not sleep well. Andy and I went into town to see a screening of Jamie Kennedy’s movie-in-progress, “Heckler”. It was pretty funny seeing a lot of comics tell their worst heckler stories… and funny to see Jaime confront some of the hecklers after a show.

We tried to get tickets to the Q&A with the cast of “Entourage”, but it was way sold out. Then we missed the Daniel Tosh and Marc Maron show b/c we were 3 minutes late and they wouldn’t let us in. I’m used to comedy clubs seating people 45 minutes late for a show, so I didn’t think about the possibility of the festival being slightly more stringent. So, kind of slow end to the day… but it was nice to relax a little. Plus, the weather had finally cleared up a bit. It was the first day since we had arrived that it wasn’t snowing. We got a couple pictures with Fred Armisen and Nick Swardson that evening at the St. Regis.

It was an unbelievable week in Aspen, and an incredible opportunity that I never thought I would have. I learned a lot about how the industry works, and met some extremely talented people that I hope I’ll be able to work with again soon.

Here’s a photo slideshow: