Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

USCAF - Day Two

Andy and took an early shuttle into town with the plan of getting some coffee and walking around Aspen for a bit. We got some coffee, but it was crazy cold, snowing, and windy… so we skipped the walking around part. Our first rehearsal started at 1:00. The first thing we did was shoot some outside shots of the group walking around Aspen. Once we finished with that, Natisha, the producer of the show, gave us the show order, and we ran through our sets. Nothing is more uncomfortable than telling jokes in front of a group of comics. We are notoriously bad audiences… especially in a situation that doesn’t even resemble a comedy club or show of any sort. After the rehearsal, we shot some interviews, then dinner with the group, then went to see another show. We saw Michael Showalter from “Stella” and “The State”… and Mary Lynn Rajskub from “24”. They were both doing a show that was less like stand-up, and more like a one-person show… but still very funny. Long day tomorrow… save the partying for another night.