Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Who needs Louis Vuitton...

Some time ago, CNN decided they needed a few more dollars… and what better way to do that than sell some crappy merch.

“Should we spend some time coming up with cool t-shirts?”

“Nah… let’s just print some with news headlines on them.”

“That’s kind of boring… should we at least monitor which ones are available?”

“Nope… we’ll leave that to a robot.”

So here, in no particular order, are my favorite crappy CNN t-shirts:

1) Because when you’re the world’s foremost news organization, you tackle the tough stories:

2) Because why wouldn’t you put a headline on there referring to a picture that you’re not showing:

3) Because no matter how old you are, every man is still a dumb, giggling middle school boy at heart: