Tony Deyo

Stand-up Comedian

Yummy, yummy... for my tummy

The thing I love most about America is our insanely adept ability at solving problems. Take for instance, this one. Obesity has become an epidemic in America. The problem, though, is that it hasn’t quite reached the epidemic level of, say, the plague. And America should be the best at everything… including killing ourselves slowly with food. So… how do we add more fat to our diets? Breakfast, lunch and dinner are already packed to the rafters with fat and calories. It seems there’s nowhere else to go. Oh well… I guess we’ll just have to go on living with our embarrassing little epidemic just the way it is. Or, we could call in Taco Bell… purveyor of nutrient-starved meals… and now, master problem solver.

And now the rest of the world hates us just a little more.

Thanks Taco Bell.